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Asset Economics is the Sunshine Coast's premier Tax Depreciation and Quantity Surveying firm covering Caloundra to Gympie we’re your local quantity surveyor & Tax Depreciation Specialists. Our expertise in Tax Depreciation and Cost Management services is unrivalled and we have developed a nationwide reputation for integrity and quality that ultimately secures the best possible outcomes for our clients.We have prepared a list of frequently asked depreciation and tax questions for you.

The big 4 banks and some smaller lenders have seen fit to increase their fixed term interest rates. Could be time to speak with your mortgage broker and assess where this is going? Up to date tax depreciation schedules along with the the best mortgage interest rate are 2 key priorities in your smart tax strategy.

A Tax Depreciation Schedule prepared by one of our Quantity Surveyors is one of the best investments a property investor can make. Claiming 100% of the allowable deductions can save investors thousands of dollars every year.

Tax depreciation is more effective when the right property is selected.
Location, position, aspect

To obtain a free quotation for a Tax Depreciation Schedule on your investment property, or to find out more about depreciation please click on the 'Tax Depreciation' button below.

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As your investment property ages, the building itself actually depreciates in value, even as the overall value of your investment increases.

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