Sunshine Coast depreciation process Tax Depreciation Schedule

TAX DEPRECIATION Sunshine Coast - Maximise Your Return and Improve Your Cashflow

Our focus is to ensure you obtain every last cent of depreciation allowance you're legally entitled to. This will significantly enhance your after tax return and generate a healthier cash flow on your Sunshine Coast investment property. 

Based on the Diminishing Value method of depreciation, several Sunshine Coast building scenarios are provided as an approximate guide.

Building Type

Purchase Price

Yr 1 Depreciation

Yr 1 - 10 Cumulative Depreciation

1 bed unit




2 bed unit




3 bed unit




Residential House




Commercial suite




Industrial suite




Our process is quite simple and stress free.  We have a detailed quotes and prices form that should only take you 4 minutes to fill in.  We also ask you to attach some floor plans and photos.  Once we have received your information we can start the report.


Fill in the property information request or call our team on 1800 191 612.  Here we will ask questions like, purchase price, settlement date, address etc.                   


Relax................ within 3-5 business days you and your accountant will receive the tax depreciation report.


Start claiming 100% of the allowable deductions.  This will allow you to start looking around for another "investment property that works".


The cost of Asset Economics Sunshine Coast Tax Depreciation Schedule is 100% tax deductible.